A walk to Farnborough – not quite

We set off this morning with good intentions despite the light rain fall. We thought that we would walk down the canal and then across to Farnborough and then over Windmill Hill and on to Fenny Compton.

A wet Walk

A wet Walk

The highlighted blue path is the one we actually took. The path from the canal was just water and mud and by the time we got to the farm road leading to the A423 our boots had tripled in weight and we felt like we were walking in the clouds. We decided to walk down the A423 in order to get back to the canal rather than walking through more unpleasant muck. Unfortunately we had not brought a map or GPS or we could have gone down the minor road which leads to Fenny Compton. The verge of the road got narrower and narrower as we progressed towards the canal. Cars zipped past us at great speed and we did wonder whether to head off across the fields to escape their perilous proximity.

We are now back on the boat with a warming cup of tea and bright red cheeks. We had only walked just over 5 miles but it felt like a lot more.

Statistics so far:-

413.48 Miles, 310 Locks, 44 Swing Bridges, 27 Lift Bridge, 4 Tunnels. 3 batteries!! 1 Alternator


One Response to A walk to Farnborough – not quite

  1. dundustin says:

    looks a nice country walk despite the mud.

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